3 Dudes From NY…

Book about HBCU lifestyle in the 90's

Book about HBCU lifestyle in the 90’s

“When the 180 Traveled 360” is a story of three young men who left New York to attend college in Durham, North Carolina. It features three unique personalities who put their lives on display giving the reader real life, raw experiences, that help paint a picture of what life was like at an HBCU in the early 90s. This dynamic read will depict the wrong paths they took as misguided youths, the relationships they made and the countless lessons they learned. You are sure to be intrigued by our stories in every chapter.

Our intention is to alert parents with college bound children, children currently enrolled, or casual readers, to the many hidden truths that we fully unveil in this book. It is to serve as a guide to help us all focus on the true purpose of why we pursued a college education, and the decisions one must make to achieve their goals. We make very clear the distractions and side shows that often hinder students while enrolled, and bring you face to face with actual experiences that will help you to understand the price you pay for ill-advised choices.

It is time for us to connect with our children and understand the challenges they will face once we release them from our charge into the unpredictable world of college life. We must not run away from the painful truths and harsh realities, because these realities will not be running from our young people. We hope you will discover the value of our stories, thus saving precious time and money by learning from our mistakes. Peace.

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